The compagny

AndersenDesign, Denmark 

My name is Anita. I am the designer behind the bedding and run the company and webshop AndersenDesign.

In a world where the new generation, not to the same extent as our previous generations, makes use of the bedspread - it places more demands on our bedding. Our bedding thus becomes part of our decor, design and the expression we give and want to be in our home. The bed sets are made in white, as white expresses purity and simplicity.

In this first production I have emphasized the beautiful, unique and sparkling - this, among other things, by virtue of the design with silk ribbons and real Swarovski stones, which are drawn for the production from Austria. The many facets of surfaces on the stone make it sparkle to the eye and spread out over a bed, it flashes to the eye due to the angle of light.

The bridal set, which is also part of this production, is definitely also one of the main elements of this first production. Wedding night is probably one of the most important nights of our lives, so the setting around this night is especially important. The bridal set is therefore developed in small silk flowers with a white pearl in the middle, just as beautiful and romantic as we want our wedding and not least our wedding night to be.

As our wedding night is one of the most important nights for us, we, over the years, also arrive at our copper wedding and silver wedding - another two of our most important days in our lives and each in a way unique.

For the copper wedding night I have made the set in the copper-colored swarovski  and for the silver wedding nigh the multicolored swarovskist, which changes sparkling and shining to the eye, as if it were small silver diamond pieces.

All 3 sets, the wedding set, the copper wedding set and the silver wedding set are also a great gift idea for the upcoming bridal couple, copper bridal couple or silver wedding couple.

All bedding is made of luxury quality, Optical white, 100% cotton and Eco-TEX. The accessories are sourced from China, the Swarov coffins from Austria and production is set up in Pakistan.

Production number 2 and Production number 3 are already underway with trial sewing, testing, etc. - so look forward to it. In the next two productions, among other things, comes a set developed in special material and with a very special purpose in mind, one with slightly more colors and a situational set in other connection, as the bridal set is in connection with the wedding in this production.

Thank you for reading about me and my thoughts behind my bedding.

Anita Majbrit Andersen